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Gammagroup can look back on 40 years of successful history.

Gammagroup has a long-standing history filled with innovation and growth. The company and its predecessors have been positively influencing the industrial sector for almost 40 years.

Around 1986, Gammaplast, the predecessor of Gammagroup focused on the “Twist Pack”, a pyramid-shaped package that has a multitude of uses. In the following years, the machines were further improved and brought to perfection. It turned out to be a key success for the future of the company.

After these initial successes, the company Gammagroup was founded in 1995. GGI used the acquired knowledge and expertise in the field of plastic processing technologies to enter the PET- bottle market. With the necessary expertise and engineering competence, the company consequently expanded to complete filling systems for water, oil, and carbonated beverages. Always taking individual customer wishes and requirements into account, Gammagroup quickly developed an outstanding reputation and established itself as one of the premium suppliers for the food and beverage industry in the following years.

In 2017, GGI further expanded its product range by introducing plastic gas cylinders under the product name “Gamma Gas” as a more innovative alternative to metal gas cylinders. 

Gammagroup Industries has since been specializing in providing solutions for developing market niches. Large competing companies from Germany usually do not offer the comparatively small capacities of GGI, which are in great demand on the African and South American markets as well as the MENA region.

We look back to a long list of satisfied customers for over 40 years. Daily improvements and optimizations are part of our everyday work. Through this philosophy we have achieved to be among the leading companies in the composite and bottling sector.


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