A qualified engineering team and three decades of practical experience makes Gammagroup to one of the leading companies for the production of turnkey plants in different areas.

The company brings in a lot of attention to detail, from project planning to delivery and installation. After completion of the facility, GGI supports the customer for each improvement and every update of the production.

Gammagroup identifies itself with the concerns of its customers and searches together for possible solutions. Therefore, the company has built a long list of satisfied purchasers. Regardless of the type of project, the goal of Gammagroup is, to well establish the products from its customers in the market to ensure their success.

The sales department will create an individual offer to customer’s wishes.
Plastic Gas Bottle Line (LPG Composite)
Starting with a HDPE blister to the winding unit of glass fibre and epoxy resin to outer packaging, Gammagroup´s consortium of business will plan and establish the whole plant.

The expertise will be passed on to the customers and long-term contracts for after sales service and maintenance will be agreed.

All necessary documents such as TÜV and official certificates as well as all technical certificates will be created and passed on to the customers.

Because of high technical testing facilities, the customers are also able to create certificates for the sale of plastic gas bottles their selves.

The plastic gas bottles:

- are significant lighter than steel containers,
- are explosion-proof in case of fire and shock impact,
- are stainless and UV resistant,
- are optimized for the storage and transport of containers,
- are provided with an electronical label for non-contact identification,
- can be filled and maintained at every gas filling station,
- have minimal operating costs
- And are certified from TÜV Germany.
Technical data:
Range of services: from 60 bottles per hour
Sizes: 5 – 14 kg LPG
The size and the design will be planned according to
customer´s request. Please contact the service team for more details.