The aim of the development department is to produce precise and robust machines under consideration of the German standards in mechanical engineering.

The machines do not only meet all safety requirements, but also have a user-friendly and a modern design.

In order to ensure regular remote maintenance through the after-sales-service, Gammagroup offers an online access for the basic machines.

Besides the excellent after-sales-service, the company has a high-qualified technical team, which will be training the local staff on site.

For new entrepreneurs, Gammagroup has a special programme with minimal investment costs.

For further information, the sales department will be at your disposal.
Twistpack Line
This machine is particularly suitable for the bottling of non-carbonated sodas and all pasty liquids in the food sector for example Mayonnaise and Ketchup.

Another scope is the packaging of solids such as candy and chocolate. The capacities are in a range of 2.500-8.000 packagings per hour, depending on machine and product type.

Gammagroup is able to offer customised packaging options suitable to the requested products to reach a higher profitability in the market.

Please contact the service team for advice.